Welcome to St Louis Mindfulness


St. Louis Mindfulness, formerly St Louis Insight Meditation Group (SLIMG), was founded in 1996 to support the understanding of Mindfulness, both contemporary and traditional, through the practice of insight meditation (Vipassana) in the St Louis area.  Our emphasis is mindfulness practice as relevant and practical in our modern western lives while maintaining an understanding of and integrity to the source of mindfulness; the ancient wisdom teachings of Theravada Buddhism, in a nonreligious, nonsexist manner.  We offer an ongoing monthly group, classes, retreats and events. 

Insight Meditation (Vipassana)

Is a 2,500 year old practice that cultivates a calm and stable mind that has the potential to lead to equanimity, clarity, compassion and the wisdom of living each moment fully with unconditional peace and happiness.  The contemporary form is widely used for modern issues: stress reduction, emotional regulation, focus and general symptom relief.  The traditional form (dharma) requires much deeper training and aims towards true wisdom; unconditional happiness and compassion based on no self (anatta).  Since all other forms of happiness are based on conditioned variables, one’s happiness is also subject to those variable.  

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