Welcome to St Louis Mindfulness

 St. Louis Mindfulness, formerly St Louis Insight Meditation Group (SLIMG), was founded in 1996 to support the understanding of mindfulness through the practice of insight meditation or vipassana (generically called ‘mindfulness meditation’) in the St Louis area.  Our emphasis is mindfulness practice as relevant and practical for our modern western lives.  We see mindfulness as a spectrum; the contemporary approach has a solution based focus; stress reduction, emotional regulation, attention deficit, etc., while the traditional approach views all of life as a mindfulness practice in learning to relate to the human condition with wisdom and compassion.  This group combines both approaches in service of the traditional one.  Our mission is to maintain an integrity to the source of mindfulness; the ancient wisdom teachings of Theravada Buddhism, in a nonreligious, nonsexist manner.  We offer teacher led*(see teacher page) ongoing monthly groups, classes, meditation retreats and events. 

Dana (Generosity)

These classes are offered by donation or ‘dana’.  For over 2,500 years it has been the Theravada tradition to offer these teachings freely since they are considered priceless, and, in turn, students reciprocate by supporting the teacher and teaching community with donations. Dana is the practice of cultivating generosity by relinquishing greed, self centeredness and fear and understanding our mutual interdependence which is central to mindfulness practice.

Insight Meditation (Vipassana)
Is a 2,500 year old systematic practice that cultivates a calm and stable mind in order to develop concentration, insight, equanimity, compassion and the wisdom of living each moment fully and in harmony with life.

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